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Meet Bloo!

For much of his youth, Bloo was reared to become a lumberjack. Coming from a family of lumberjacks, Bloo had witnessed his father and brothers fell trees for as long as he could remember. It was his destiny, albeit not his chosen one.

On his third birthday, when Bloo had to fell his inaugural tree, he simply could not, within an ounce of his being, bring himself to even lift the axe with which he was meant to fell the pathetic, spindly tree with. His heart heavy with disappointment, Bloo vowed to never lay his paws on an axe ever again. Taking pity on him, his family left him in charge with their three cats, named Dolphin, Fish, and Turtle.


He now lives in Brooklyn with his three cats, listens to Indie Rock in his spare time, and brews craft beer in his basement. He hopes to one day attain the title of ‘Plant Dad’ and teach his cats how to yodel.

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