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A Chinese Creation Myth

pangu group.jpg

I have divided this creation myth into three parts: 1) Pangu in the egg, 2) Pangu holding heaven and earth apart, and 3) Pangu’s death and him becoming the earth.

When the universe was nothing but darkness, Pangu, the first being, was in an egg. As Pangu slumbered in his egg, he grew and grew, and the egg grew with him. One day, the egg grew so big that it broke apart, divided into heaven and sky. Pangu awoke from his hibernation, and held heaven and earth apart. As he did held heaven and earth apart, he grew in size, widening the distance between heaven and earth. When Pangu finally tired from this, he died, and heaven and earth were so far apart that they remained separate. When Pangu died, his body became the earth. While his physical presence no longer exists, his spirit is said to envelope and permeate the earth.

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