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Plush Installation

Hi! My name is Pickles, and I’m your friendly neighborhood furball! I usually belong to small children and live at the end of beds, but I couldn’t stop growing. My owner had to set me free- her mom said that having me in the house was like having a third child. I’ve just been trying to make it work out here, bringing the joy I brought to my owner to the rest of New York. I do really miss her sometimes, and I’ve kept her scarf and necklace as momentoes of her, as a few lucky charms! I hope she comes back for me someday, I’ll be out and about until she does. If anyone asks, I like warm, toasty summer days and the scent of grass after a rainy day. I also love chicken tenders and peach pellegrino. If you have either of those, feel free to slip them into my stomach pouch- I’ll be sure to save them for later.

Untitled_Artwork (9).jpg
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